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  • Sunflower Basket floral foam in chicken wire helps to reduce stem wobble. This type of product is extremely useful for florists as it is time saving and labour saving.
  • Sunflower Basket Floral Foam to securely hold the soft & delicate stem flowers.
  • High Quality Foam to hold just enough water for your Flowers to stay Fresh for 7-8 Days.
  • Less Draining Compared to Ordinary Floral Foam.
  • Perfect for Parties, Weddings, Openings and to make combinations of Floral Foam Names and doing Flower Decoration using Floral Foam.

       How to use:

  • Soak the floral foam brick properly in water If not able to soak in water, spray water on the foam to make it wet.
  • Once the Sunflower Floral Foam soaks enough water remove it from water keep it aside to drain the excess water.
  • When the excess water is drained out you can start decorating it with fresh flowers.
  • Fresh flowers will remain hydrated between seven to 8 days, continue to add water daily.

        Size of Dome: 10.3*7.5*7.5 CMS

Packing60 pcs/-
Size10.3*7.5*7.5 CMS

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